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    • Whole exome sequencing of high-risk neuroblastoma identifies novel non-synonymous variants 

      Przybyla, Weronika; Gjersvoll Paulsen, Kirsti Marie; Mishra, Charitra Kumar; Nygård, Ståle; Engebretsen, Solveig; Ruud, Ellen; Trøen, Gunhild; Beiske, Klaus; Baumbusch, Lars Oliver (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      Neuroblastoma (NBL), one of the main death-causing cancers in children, is known for its remarkable genetic heterogeneity and varied patient outcome spanning from spontaneous regression to widespread disease. Specific copy ...
    • Yield predictions of timothy (Phleum pratense L.) in Norway under future climate scenarios 

      Hellton, Kristoffer Herland; Amdahl, Helga; Thorarinsdottir, Thordis; Alsheikh, Muath K; Aamlid, Trygve S.; Jørgensen, Marit; Dalmannsdottir, Sigridur; Rognli, Odd Arne (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2023)
      The perennial forage grass timothy (Phleum pratense L.) is the most important forage crop in Norway. Future changes in the climate will affect growing conditions and hence the yield output. We used data from the Norwegian ...